AGRMETAL, looking to the future

The history of the company is always linked to the search for continuous improvement, expanding the offer in various fields and providing a high quality customer service.

History of the company

Founded in 1980 by Leopoldo Alonso and Francisco Fernández and born at the beginning as « Agroavícola del Nalón SL», in its first stage it began its activity dedicating itself to the commercialization of agricultural and forestry machinery always representing the first brands of the sector.

Later in 1999 the company focused on the manufacture of trailers, from which was born the parent company « Remolques Agronalón» ; dedicated to the manufacture of light trailers for tourism, in addition to metal, stainless and steel constructions. Other products made to measure for clients.

Always with an eye on the future, the company, thanks to the quality of its work, began to manufacture parts for other metal clients such as Duro Felguera, ThyssenKrupp, beginning in turn to diversify its businesses in fields as diverse as sports tracks, children’s parks…

From here, AGRMETAL ; is born with the clear idea of ​​giving a service of maximum quality and efficiency to all its customers; offering industrial services of precision machining of metals through different cutting systems: laser, plasma, shear or punching machine. In addition, as a complement, performs tasks of engraving, folding or welding the pieces previously cut and has a technical office department for the development of 3D projects and which includes the possibility of automation.


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«The search for quality and continuous improvement should not be a choice but an obligation»

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